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What’s better than having no MFA? A cost neutral (Assumed you’re using advanced license as a minimum) and easy to use MFA method where the Enduser hasn’t to deploy or register anything. Let’s checkout the Email OTP feature of NetScaler.


There are some NetScaler Docs about Email OTP, mostly it’s mixed up with KBA registration for Self-service password reset (SSPR) or a minimum you have to register an alternate email address first.

In my configuration the Enduser hasn’t to deploy or register anything. Email OTP is ready to use as long as there is any Active Directory attribute configured with a valid Email address.

I’m using a nFactor flow to filter on a group, whereas member is getting the OTP via Email. If your not a member, the loginschema is switching to native OTP where the user has to register their device before the first usage. You can use your preferred filtering method.

Before jumping into the script, here’s how the flow is looking from the Enduser perspective when you’re member of the Email OTP group:

OnlyUsername first Factor Group Extraction

Password second Factor, Email is send when Password is correct
Adding OTP from Email third Factor, end of flow

Here’s the nFactor configuration Script, one important thing to note:

  • In the email action, I’ve configured the email Address to be inserted as alternate_mail attribute, the alternate_mail attribute is filled of the “mail” attribute from Active Directory, also seen in the LDAPS_GetEmailOTP ldap authentication action. You have to change these attributes if you would like to use other attributes.
#NetScaler Email OTP without any registration
#First set Primary nFactor to Username only and filter to AD-Group whos getting Email OTP, otherwise User is getting native OTP

add authentication emailAction AuthAct_EmailOTP -userName noreplyotp@contoso.local -password 12345 -serverURL "smtps://" -content "OTP is $code" -emailAddress "aaa.user.attribute(\"alternate_mail\")"
add authentication Policy Adv_Pol_EmailOTP -rule true -action AuthAct_EmailOTP

add authentication policylabel email_Validation_factor
bind authentication policylabel email_Validation_factor -policyName AuthPol_EmailOTP -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT

add authentication ldapAction LDAPS_GetEmailOTP -serverIP -serverPort 636 -ldapBase "DC=contoso,DC=local" -ldapBindDn serviceuser@contoso.local -ldapBindDnPassword 12345 -ldapLoginName userPrincipalName -groupAttrName memberOf -subAttributeName cn -secType SSL -passwdChange ENABLED -alternateEmailAttr mail
add authentication Policy Adv_Pol_LDAPS_GetEmailOTP -rule true -action LDAPS_GetEmailOTP

add authentication loginSchema Schema_NoLoginSchema -authenticationSchema noschema
add authentication loginSchema Schema_OnlyUsername -authenticationSchema "/nsconfig/loginschema/customer/OnlyUsername.xml"
add authentication loginSchema Schema_OnlyPassword -authenticationSchema "/nsconfig/loginschema/customer/OnlyPassword.xml" -passwordCredentialIndex 1 -SSOCredentials YES
add authentication loginSchema Schema_EnterPasswordAndRADIUS -authenticationSchema "/nsconfig/loginschema/customer/DualAuth.xml" -passwordCredentialIndex 1 -SSOCredentials YES

add authentication loginSchemaPolicy Schema_EnterUsername -rule true -action Schema_OnlyUsername
add authentication loginSchemaPolicy Schema_OnlyPassword -rule true -action Schema_OnlyPassword

add authentication Policy Adv_Pol_LDAPS_EmailOTP -rule "AAA.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF(\"ACL-OTP-Email\")" -action NO_AUTHN
add authentication Policy Adv_Pol_LDAPS_NoAuth_GroupExtraction -rule true -action Auth_LDAPS_NoAuth
add authentication Policy Adv_Pol_2FA -rule true -action NO_AUTHN

bind authentication vserver AAA_vServer_nFactor -policy Schema_OnlyUsername -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END
bind authentication vserver AAA_vServer_nFactor -policy Adv_Pol_LDAPS_NoAuth_GroupExtraction -priority 100 -nextFactor GroupExtraction -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT

add authentication policylabel LDAP_PasswordOnly_EmailOTP -loginSchema Schema_OnlyPassword
bind authentication policylabel LDAP_PasswordOnly_EmailOTP -policyName Adv_Pol_LDAPS_GetEmailOTP -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT -nextFactor email_Validation_factor

add authentication policylabel GroupExtraction -loginSchema LSCHEMA_INT
bind authentication policylabel GroupExtraction -policyName Adv_Pol_LDAPS_EmailOTP -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT -nextFactor LDAP_PasswordOnly_EmailOTP
bind authentication policylabel GroupExtraction -policyName Adv_Pol_2FA -priority 110 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT -nextFactor Dual_OTP_2FA

add authentication policylabel Dual_OTP_2FA -loginSchema Schema_EnterPasswordAndRADIUS
add authentication policylabel NoSchema-2FA -loginSchema Schema_NoLoginSchema

bind authentication policylabel Dual_OTP_2FA -policyName Adv_Pol_LDAPS -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT -nextFactor NoSchema-2FA
bind authentication policylabel NoSchema-2FA -policyName Adv_Pol_Verify_OTP -priority 90 -gotoPriorityExpression NEXT

add authentication policylabel email_Validation_factor -loginSchema LSCHEMA_INT
bind authentication policylabel email_Validation_factor -policyName Adv_Pol_EmailOTP -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END


Here are some tips for troubleshooting, for example there is no email been sent or you’re getting the well known NetScaler error Cannot complete your request.

Both NetScaler NSIP’s (Primary and Secondary) need access to your Mailhost via Port 25 (SMTP) or 587 (SMTPS).

You can find useful informations about the email process in the messages logfile in NetScaler, here’s an example for a non-working scenario, the Enduser is getting “Cannot complete your request” on the logon-process.

ThreadWorker_SendMailJob: [JobID: 10] Poco SMTP Mail Dispatch Failed. SMTP TYPE:2, SMTPException: Exception occurs. SMTP Exception: Login using LOGIN password failed: 535 Authentication failed. Restarting authentication process.

Make sure you’re getting a 250-AUTH LOGIN (Check basic authentication when using Microsoft Exchange) when telnet from NetScaler to your Mailhost and asking for ehlo yourmaildomain.


Fairly said, an email based OTP isn’t in todays security standards, as it’s quite simple spoofable. Anyway, it’s better than no MFA and for a limited period of use, it’s an easy to use feature without any registration input from the Enduser.


  1. Great article, Julian!

    A possible enhancement is to create a load balancer that NetScaler can use for the e-mail action. As such, the NetScaler would only require connectivity between the NSIP and the VIP address of the load balancer. I can imagine not everybody is willing to have outbound connectivity from an NSIP address.

    Nevertheless, it is a great writeup!

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